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HammerHead Spearguns


At HammerHead we are not your grandfather’s spearfishing company, we develop the next generation of spearfishing equipment utilizing cutting edge technologies and materials to dive deeper and spear larger fish.  However the best spearfishing equipment is only half the story at HammerHead Spearguns we live the spearo-lifestyle diving, teaching, filming, and sharing what we do with the community.  At HammerHead we live to spear and spear to eat.

Kissed by a Jellyfish?

Now in from Beach Pharmacy, Kissed by a Jellyfish!!
Worlds first emergency kit against jellyfish injuries!
Helps immediately and neutralizes the toxic secretions.
Cools the injured skin up to 8 hours! / Removes remaining nettle threads

NEW Aqualung Computer Line!!!

Today’s technology is about making simple what is complex. We’ve engineered our new line of dive computers and analog instruments with this mission at our core. Safely and confidently descend into your dive adventure with intuitive, easy-to-use designs, backed by advanced engineering.
Our instruments are designed with thoughtful features, such as the computers’ user-replaceable standard battery and transmitters that pair for life, so that you’ll always be ready to dive.

Watch Aqualung Video here
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